Ask the Mas·seuse!

What are the main benefits of Massage?

• Promotes Relaxation and Stress Relief • Reduces Muscular Tension, Relieves Aches, Stiffness and the Associated Discomfort • Improves Sleep Quality • Helps Reduce Anxiety • Increases Range of Motion in Joints • Speeds Up Recovery Time from Exercise • Promotes Blood and Lymph Circulation • Aids in Flushing Toxins from the Body • Improves Immune System Functions • Improves Overall Energy Flow and Sense of Well-being

How can I book an appointment?

Book Your Appointment Today Via: Online • By Telephone, call (905) 769-1522 • By Email (

What should I wear when I get a massage?

You should dress as you normally do and in what is most comfortable for you.

We recommend dressing down, and for many patients, a pair of shorts works well, along with a t-shirt. Once you have had a massage, your relaxed body will appreciate a comfort-oriented approach to your wardrobe.

Should I feel sore after my massage session?

If you’re getting a deep tissue massage, it’s normal to feel a little soreness the next day after your massage. In fact, that soreness is likely a result of the positive effect of your massage. Increase your fluids to assist your lymphatic system and decrease soreness.

Can I customize my massage session?

Yes, ofcourse! One of the most important aspects of getting a massage is discussion your goals for the session with your therapist before the massage begins.

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